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Necessity for establishing the Electronic Learning Association

The great developments of the human society, expansion of the information technology and penetration of the telecommunication equipment to the depth of society, transform the educational tools and methods. The development of these tools and methods is in direction that every person in anytime and anywhere can involve in learning based on his/her facilities and time. By expansion the Internet, the electronic learning phenomenon and its tools and standards have been seriously considered and recognized as the important ones because of many reasons which some of them are as follows:

1-At the present, the people of the world form an increasing cohesive community with the infinite numbers of ideas and information for sharing. According to an international report on 2006, there are more than 2.5 milliard shared information equipment including cell phones, smart phones and computers on the earth and more than one milliard internet users which will reach to 2 milliard users at the end of 2011.In this always connected world, the necessity for preparing the facilities of the electronic instruction or learning is more than all the previous times. This prepares an opportunity for any interested person in gaining the new skill, preparing and looking for the business, attending in full time internship and obtaining the educational certificate without leaving the place of work or activity.
2-The electronic use of information transfer tools for transferring the information and knowledge as one of the electronic learning approaches is indeed a suitable opportunity for all who are involved in instructional systems in order to administer the comprehensive instructions in their organizations and institutes based on the last technology. In the other words, the electronic learning is one of the axis in developing the knowledge and rapid change and development and its application can lead to considerable advancements.
3-The increasing amount of information makes certain complexities in knowledge acquirement process especially in those fields with the rapid pace of changes which the creation of the possibility for continuous learning in all persons’ productivity lifetime is considered as one of the necessities of educational system in related organizations.
4-The creation of the cooperative learning environment for learning the complex and multidimensional issues which can be learned just through cooperative and group method leads to usage of the electronic learning approach and creates a cooperative and shared virtual environment among the learners and makes the possibility for them to learn by establishing the suitable groups which facilitate the learning process.

According to the above points, the most important reasons for establishing the electronic learning association are as follows:
A) According to the application of the electronic learning in various aspects of sciences and technology, there is a necessity for establishing the effective and convergent organization for making an integrated method among the interested persons in this field.
B) The lack of suitable convergence in making decision, implementation and also the lack of synergetic function of the teams are the most important reasons which lead us to the establishment of the electronic learning association. The establishment of this association in a coordinated and organized system which can be used in this field is one of the effective solutions against this problem. At the present, by gathering a group of persons who are involved in this multi ranges area, the necessary ground for interdisciplinary cooperation with the purpose of advancement of the purposes of this association prepared. Therefore, it is necessary to establishment of this association without any loss of time in order to enjoy the advantages of this field.
C) The electronic learning association can make the possibility for the quantitative and qualitative promotion of this field and increases the speed of the movement of the country in this dynamic and competitive area by supervising on this scientific field and using of the professional capacity of the country. At the present, our international position and our speed of movement in this area are not in accordance with the name and potential capabilities of the country, so there is necessity to establish this association and create the national unity in order to perform the activities within the purposes of this association and make the possibility for promoting this field by concentration on the professional manpower.
D) According to the mentioned statements about the importance of the electronic learning and identification of the present conditions and the position of the electronic learning from one hand and familiarization with the correct ways for applying its components in all universities and educational institutes and also familiarization with the policy makers and investors in the education part in the other hand, the establishment of the electronic learning association is necessary.
E) According to the new electronic learning courses in Iran and the various defects in planning and implementing these courses in one hand and the lack of sufficient rules and instructions in the related ministries for guiding these courses and supervising on the implementation of them in the other hand, there are some concerns which the establishment of this association can be considered as the suitable solution for them.

Therefore, we decide to establish the related and similar scientific association with the similar international and regional scientific associations in order to make the possibility for quality improvement and successes of the related activities of electronic learning, exchanging of experiences between experts and creating the cohesive and scientific relationship with the organizations and policy maker institutes in these fields.