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Association goals

Chapter One: Overviews and Objectives
Article 1: for developing and promoteing researching and training; improving the vision in the various areas of e-learning; using information technology in educational systems with the aim of improveing the quality of the teaching - learning processes; and for developing the quantitative and qualitative specialists and improveing educational and researching activities in related fields, the Association of e-learning of Iran , which is called the " Community " hereafter, is formed.

Article 2: the Community is a scientific, non-governmental, non-profit and non-political institution which is active in the field of technological and educational researching, and from the date of registration has an independent legal personality and the chairman of the board of directors is the legal representative of the Community.

Article 3: The Community Center is located in Tehran and its branches can be established in every regions of the country after being approved by the Community’s Board of the directors and the Scientific Association Commission of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Note : If necessary, the Board can change the address of the Community’s registered office provided that it is being announced in any one of the official highly circulated dailies and it is being informed to the Scientific Association Commission of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology through a written notice.

Article 4: The Community is established from the approval date for an indefinite period and is required to observe the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.