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Association goals

Chapter II : Tasks and Activities
Article 5: In order to achieve the objectives referred to in the Article1, the Community will perform the following actions:
5-1 . Doing Scientific and cultural research at national and international level with researchers and experts dealing with the field of e-learning.
5-2. Cooperation with executive, academic and researching institutions in the field of assessing, reviewing and implementing plans and programs related to educational and scientific research in the field of community activities.
5-3 . Encouraging researchers, professionals, and members of the board of education; celebrating the researchers, active entrepreneurs and the prominent people in this field.
5-4. providing Educational, technical and research services related to the community's activities in related fields subject. .
5-5 . Holding scientific Gatherings at the national, regional and international levels.
5-6. Publishing scientific books and journals.
5-7. Participation in compiling short term, medium term and long term programs; Future Studies in policy making , guiding and supervising in the field of e-learning.