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Chapter III: Membership types and conditions
Article 6: Types of membership are as follows:
6-1. Long lasting membership
The Co-founders and all the people who have at least a Master's degree in the field of e-learning are related.
Note : In certain circumstances , people with a bachelor's degree in one of the fields related to e-learning that has an outstanding record in this area are based on the regulations approved by the Board of Directors of the Association can join the Association in the future.

6-2. affiliated membership
6-3. Student Membership
All students who are studying in fields related to e-learning.
6-4. Honorary Membership
Iranian persons and foreigners whose scientific authority in the fields of e-learning is of particular importance , or in furtherance of the objectives of Community contributions have been effective and valuable .
6-5. Legal members (institutions)
Organizations that are active in the fields of research related to e-learning. These members are affiliated as a member.
Note : Check the membership requests , identify interdisciplinary expertise on the subject of the association's activities and determine the type of activity the applicant is a member of the membership committee and on the basis of membership regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association, is . Legal members are affiliated as a member .

Article 7: each member will pay an annual membership fee , which is proposed by the Board and is passed by the General Assembly.
Note 1: Paying the membership fee does not create a forum for members.
Note 2: Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.

Article 8: Membership ends in one of the following conditions:
8-1. Written resignation of a member.
8-2. Failure to pay the annual membership fee.
Note: the board of the association membership is in the charge of checking and approving the denunciation of the membership.