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Association goals

Chapter four: Pillars of Society
A: Public meeting
Clause ten: Public Meeting is organized by steady members meeting in a regular or extraordinary.
10.1: The general meeting is organized once a year and it’s become official with participation of members or written vote of half plus one of all members and all decisions are valid by majority of people who is there. Each of members who are there can accept of proxy just one absent member.
10.2: If in a first section the meeting doesn’t become official so, the next section is take place after 20days and this meeting is become official and numbers of present members not important. In addition, taking votes can be correspondence or electronic, it’s based on regulation that is formulated by the board of managers.
note1: Invitation to convening of public association has performed by written invitation , electronically , notice in a newspaper with a wide circulation or meeting website , Its have to notice to members 15days before of meeting.
note2: One-third of steady members can organize extraordinary public meeting, If the board of managers and assembly controller reject their demand, so , they have to explain in their invitation notice about the board managers and assembly controller’s response.
note3: if the above note will be accept, the public meeting is a particularly topic that is mention in an application.
Note4: situation of extraordinary public assembly is same as ordinary public assembly and votes of members who in a assembly affect in make a decision.

Clause 11: the Public assembly duties
A: ordinary public assembly Select the members of board of managers and controller’s response or controller’s responses ( if there is more than one main response )
Approval the assembly policy
Review and approve the proposed program by board of managers and controller’s response ( responses)
Determine the annual membership fee
Dismissal the board of managers and controller’s response
Review and approve of the balance sheet and bill of income and expense of the previous fiscal year and assembly’s next year budget

B: Extraordinary public assembly
B1.Approved changes in content the article of association
B2: approved the dissolution assembly
Note1: Ordinary and extraordinary public assembly meeting recognize when the authorized agency of Iran scientific assembly commission is present there.
Note2: The public assembly is managed by the board of manager including of a manager, a secretary and two supervisors.
Note3: Members of board of manager are selected by annunciation and accept their nomination in a public assembly.
Note4: the nominations who are selected on selection of the board managers and controller’s responses can’t be members of board manager.

B. The board of managers
Clause12: The board of managers are consisting of seven main members and two substitute members who are selected by secret votes among of assembly members every two years.
12.1: members can’t be members of board of managers more than two consecutive terms.
12.2: Membership is honorary in the board of managers.
12.3. The board of managers have to be in a meeting after two month of selection and make a decision about their duties by written vote. This situation is occurred by select the manager and assistant manager, chamberlain ,
manager of membership committee and manager of education committee.
12.4: all of binding documents and valuable papers is valuable with singed the manager of board of managers and chamberlain with assembly’s seal and official letters are signed by manager of board of managers and secretary.
12.5. The board of managers have to have meeting every month. The interval between invitation and board meeting should be 3days.secretary have to management the meeting’s order, record the written report and following the managers decisions.
12.6. The board of managers meeting is become official by lots of members are present, that decisions are accepted by member’s votes.
12.7. All the decisions of the board of managers are kept in the meeting office.
12.8. Members of the board of managers have to been in all of meetings and if the member was absent without a reasonable excuse (the board of managers recognize it) in 3consecutive section or five alternate section (per year) ,So, it is his / her resignation.
12.9. In case of resignation, dismissal or death of one of the board of managers member, the substitution member will be determined instead of them.
12.10. The controller’s response can be at board meeting but wit out any vote.

Clause13: The board of managers are the assembly’s legal agent and their duties and latitude are as follows :
13.1: managing the assembly’s works according to statute and decisions of public assembly
13.2: Organizing the scientific groups, determination tasks and control their activities.